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Sadhana Tips for Self -Realization

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The Guru’s Place is a Spiritual Laboratory

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Why is God Required in Life?

 Why is God Required in Life?

What is the need for God in human life? Can we not do without God? Why should we attend the Dhyana Yoga Shivirs? Why should we get initiated into the Guru mantra? Why should we believe in God? Why after all is God required in life?

Intellect is a unique feature of human life. Man can foresee the future far ahead. He can see that he will die some day. The animal is unable to think of its impending death. A man understands that the body, by nature, is subject to death and that one remains a slave to it for one’s bodily existence as well as ever afraid of losing it. No body wants slavery or fear. Who on earth does?
So long as you go on seeking happiness from things that are bound to be separated from you and through the contacts of the senses with their objects, enslavement to contact and fear of loss will continue to plague you; because you are eternal, while the objects and contact are verily transient.
You feel hungry, but even hunger is transient. When hungry, you take food and get satiated; but that satiation too does not last forever. After some time, say after 6-8 hours, you are hungry again. So you are eternal and the pleasure from getting something is transient. Enslavement to happiness and fear of sorrow eat up the entire life and in the end, one dies a miserable death. Those who spend life worrying about the future of their sons, daughters, shop, relatives, etc. die a miserable death; and only God knows where and in which births they will have to wander. No sane man would opt for such a helpless state. Before leaving home, a prudent man plans as to where he would go, where and how he will take meals and where he will lodge himself, etc. In the same way, before life comes to an end, a wise man envisions his death and the consequences thereof.
One having even a little bit of such understanding together with a penchant for a lasting happiness and freedom from bondage, will definitely feel the need for God. One cannot do without God, for man wants to enjoy happiness forever and avoid sorrow. The want of a state free from sorrow and dependence is verily the demand for God. And that is why there is need for God.
Those who can take lessons from the past – such and such things have gone and are nowhere to be seen, childhood with all its playfulness is gone, the youth is gone, this body too will go – those who have even a little bit of such common sense will feel the need for God.
Is the body immortal? Can you keep it forever? Even if you want to, it won’t last forever. It will die. When the body is bound to die, can the possessions thereof accompany you? Then how long will you continue to waste your life for the transient body and its possessions?

O foolish rich man! You may get each and every nail of yours insured; you may take any number of policies, policies that would give you a million million dollar for the loss of a single hair, yet you can not feel secured and fearless. How long after all can you keep this insecure body secured? And how long will you remain averse to that which is eternally secure? What is always secure is you and what is insecure is the body. And by God, you are not the body! By you, you are not the body!! Had you been the body, it would accompany you after death. You are distinct from the phases of childhood, youth and all circumstances. You are the loving witness to your own Self.
Both ‘This’ and ‘That’ come into cognition only when there is ‘I’. In the absence of ‘I’ who shall take cognisance of ‘This’ and ‘That’? Both ‘This’ and ‘That’ for their existence are dependent on the existence of ‘I’. So ‘I’ is primary and other two are secondary. ‘This,’ ‘this’ and ‘this’ keep coming and going thousands of times. ‘That,’ ‘that’ and ‘that’ type of thousands of imaginations continue to arise; but whether it is an imagination regarding ‘This’ or ‘That’, both need the ‘I’; for the base, the very substratum of imagination, is but ‘I’.

  If we are to seek the Supreme Self, how can we find it in ‘This’, the ever dying (and decaying) entity? And the imagination about ‘That’ does invariably vanish – it is everybody’s experience. So how can we find the Supreme Self in ‘That’ either? One aspiring to seek the Supreme Self should do so neither in the imagined ‘This’ nor in the imagined ‘That’; but in the ‘I’, the very origin of both these imaginations. That eternal Truth personified Timeless, Non-physical and Non-different Supreme Self will be found within one’s very own Self, i.e. ‘I’. When you put yourself to the task of unravelling the reality of your ‘I’ through self-enquiry contemplating as to whether your ‘I’ is identical to your body, prana, mind or intellect; you will finally realize the witness of all these as your real ‘I’, the Self. `oZ  dmJä`wÚVo‘…but what enlightens speech…’ (The Kenopanishad 1.4). The existence of that, which does give speech the inclination to describe some specific meaning, is verily your real ‘I’.

Desire, anger, greed, delusion, fear, grief, worry, etc. – these are the impurities of the subtle body; whereas bones, flesh and blood comprise the material of the physical body. You hanker after happiness trying to get it on the strength of these impure materials of the physical and subtle bodies, because you have emanated from the Bliss personified Lord. Where can a wave go after all? For it can not exist without water. Similarly, you can not be without God. The wave runs in search of water, gets destroyed; it runs once again, and again it gets destroyed. It only needs to realise that water is not outside; it is right there, from where the wave originates, that water itself is its Self God. It only needs to subside and it will realise that it is identical with the water (Reality) in depth.

One suffering the pangs of separation is the worldly being and the one, who is eternally existent, who is watching from the window of the heart, is my Lord Supreme (Witness Consciousness). I am His and He is mine. Begin to get the true happiness and withdraw yourself from the false one. Raise yourself above the false pleasures and be diligently engaged in attaining the true bliss. Assiduously pursue the true Knowledge and know the falsity of the false knowledge. Gaze at the sky one-pointedly without blinking the eyes. Chant ॐ ॐ ॐ  in a humming tone. Then be quiet. Repeat the humming and be quiet again. Read part wise and regularly the book ‘Ishwar Ki Aur’ (‘Toward’s God’ in English) published by the ashram. Awaken to your Divinity. Lose not time.
‘I am so and so’ this is false. This body too is not real. Keep it clean and healthy, feed it well; but don’t pamper it. Don’t be a slave to the body beautifying it with creams and cosmetics. Just keep the body healthy and with a healthy mind realize God. That’s all.

Where are you? Where is your passion? It does not matter where you physically are. If physically you are in a temple but have passion for sweetmeats, you are actually present at the confectioner’s shop. If physically you are in a mosque but with an interest in another’s pocket, you are not really in the mosque. What is required is that your interest should be in True Happiness and there should be a firm and intense demand for the same. Already the demand is intrinsically present in you, but to a small degree; and hence only needs to be intensified further. How can this demand be intensified? It is through discrimination. How does one cultivate that?
‘Discrimination dawns not without satsanga.’
And how does one come by satsanga? By God’s grace.
‘… without the Lord’s favour, there is no meeting with the saintly.’
    God has already showered His grace on you in the form of bringing you to satsanga. With this, His job is finished. What else do you expect God to do? Now have mercy on yourself and accept the advice of God. Even if you accept all suggestions of  the worldly people, your sorrows will not end and happiness will not be lasting. But if you accept what God says, troubles can’t last and happiness will not wane. This is absolutely true.
    There won’t be any fear of separation nor enslavement to things, etc. You can be separated from only that which is not you. You yearn to hold on to only what you are not. The Lord tells you:
“Know Thy Self.”
An eternal portion of Myself, having become a living soul in the world of life…
(The Gita: 15.7)

O dear! Know that you are eternal and immortal; happiness and bliss are your very Being. You may ask as to whether such a conviction will make you a loser in the world. No! Rather you will do very well and will be highly successful and happy. You may ask, “If we get the pleasures of the world, shouldn’t we enjoy them?” No, you should not. One, who indulges in worldly pleasures, is bound to suffer gravely. God gives happiness so that you give it to others. God gives troubles to rid one of attachment to pleasures. Attachment to pleasures and fear of sorrow are both undermining your divine glory, inhibiting your Real Self. Both these thoughts are making you a loser. You are dying a lingering death. O thou immortal child of God! O the eternal one! Millions of times you have died but remained unhurt. Millions of episodes of happiness and sorrow could make no difference to your Being. And yet you are constantly in fear, lest you should suffer criticism, lose such and such thing, or the other. You accumulate transient possessions and consider it progress. To worry about those transient things and thereby become a ghost to wander around after death – is it progress or downfall? How great a progress King Nriga had made! You simply can not surpass his progress. And he ended up wandering as a chameleon! Hiranyakashipu’s Hiranyapur was made of gold. Ravana too had his Lanka made of gold. How tremendous material progress they had made! When those who owned entire cities of gold left distressed, how long can you hope to be happy on the strength of these petty possessions? I say, just delve within where lies the true bliss, and become blessed!

Those who received the benign grace of the Sadguru and attained Self-knowledge have become truly blessed.
    They alone are the perfect men; who are happy in all circumstances
    If God gives them wealth, they are happy 
    If God keeps them in rags, they are happy in that too.
This world was not there in the past and will not be there in the future; what then is there to be afraid of in the present? The things you have today, were not with you in the past and with the stroke of death will be left in the future. Why then should you fear losing them? The actual demand of human life is to realize one’s Divine Nature that was ever existent, does now exist and will exist forever. The more you delay in fulfilling your demand, the more will be your travails and sufferings at the hands of nature; and the earlier you do it, the sooner will you be delivered from misery and attain Supreme Bliss. 



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