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Shankracharya Jagadguru Shri Jayendra Saraswati

Shankracharya Jagadguru Shri Jayendra Saraswati-

"I have been intimately acquainted with my extremely dear friend Sri Asaramji Bapu for a long time. For all people, it is essential to have good physical health and peace of mind to enjoy a happy life. It was for showering the blessings of peace, health and happiness that the divine incarnation of this great saint has taken place. Bapuji, my beloved friend and clearly the foremost among the present day saints, has been ceaselessly travelling day and night for the upliftment of the Indian nation, Hindus, the common people, and in fact the whole world by enlightening them on various subjects through satsanga, bhajans, and kirtanas etc. His whole life has been dedicated to the cause of promoting health and mental peace amongst the masses. They are indeed blessed who carry out the divine work of bringing people to satsanga in the holy company of Bapuji."

Sri Ramadevji Maharaj

Sri Ramadevji Maharaj-

  "Today I have been blessed with the darshana of highly respected and revered Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu who has elevated the hearts of, and bestowed peace to millions of souls. I have been filled with a great sense of fulfilment by having the darshana of such a great, learned saint. How can I ever skip the opportunity to have darshana of that great soul, established in Divine Consciousness, who has reinstated dharma, culture, spirituality and the sublime Indian traditions back into this land with full force. It is therefore that I am feeling blessed and fulfilled by coming to this place. His affection towards me is in itself a blessing. The elders are always affectionate towards the youngsters. I have come here especially to seek His blessings.

 It is my understanding that probably every individual is dejected and frustrated with life and he needs the blessings of Asharamji (Asha = hope, Rama = the Lord), the Lord of hope. If some day the nation scales great heights and becomes prosperous and well developed, it will be solely through our ancient traditions and moral values and ideals, the awakening of which will be possible only by becoming Asharam, i.e. by becoming supremely hopeful. Therefore, revered and adorable Maharaj Sri ‘Asha’ ramji is the crying need of the whole world. With prayers at the holy feet of Bapuji for His guidance, through which I may keep following His footsteps and sure enough will reach the goal as well. I pay my obeisance at His holy feet once again!"

Sant Shri Morari Bapu

Sant Shri Morari Bapu

"This is not the first time that I have come for the darshana of highly revered Pujya Bapuji. His pious darshana reminds me of the sloka- Day by day it grows in intensity every moment i.e. Bapuji is an ever new and every growing fountain of bliss which I am presently, and naturally experiencing right now. Many obeisances at His holy feet"

Swami Avadeshanandji, Haridwar

Swami Avadeshanandji, Haridwar-

 "Bapuji’s Company is akin to the pious stream of the Holy Ganga

I am immensely delighted, exhilarated… blissful… and ecstatic… sitting in the pious vicinity of Pujya Bapuji on the holy banks of the rippling Ganga. The Ganga is the sushumna nadi of India. It is the sanjeevani (life giving herb) of India. The Ganga, emanating from Lord Vishnu’s feet, and making its way through the ‘Kamandalu’ of Lord Brahma to the tufted hair of Lord Shiva, is a bestower of perfection in the triad of yoga. She, having emanated from the feet of Lord Vishnu, gives a glimpse of devotion, and being situated on the head of Lord Shiva, inspires one to become established in the higher stage of JnÍna Yoga. Today, while listening to Pujya Bapuji’s discourses, I feel like I am taking a dip in the holy Ganga, because His discourse and His company is like the pious stream of the Holy Ganga.

 He is a God-intoxicated saint, very natural and spontaneous. He is very simple externally, yet inside He is very occult and mysterious. He has the loftiness, the purity and excellence of the Himalayas, and serenity like the deep sea. He is an invaluable asset to the nation. His pious darshana reminds us of the great tradition of our ancient rishis. In Him, we occasionally have glimpses of saints like Gautam, Kanaad, Jaimini, Kapil, Dadu, Meera, Kabir, Raidas, etc.We are sitting in the vicinity of such a rare one who establishes one effortlessly in yoga. It is of such saints that someone has aptly said:

When you move, the earth, the sky and the whole universe move in tandem. When such a great man moves, the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets naturally become favourable to him. When we sit near the pious feet of such a saint, who is beyond the senses, beyond the three qualities of Nature, Transcendent, beyond description and beyond all states of consciousness…  All of you are greatly fortunate that you are sitting at the holy feet of such a great soul, where one’s fortune is made and divine personality is developed. This is the place, where you can attain the true fulfilment of life."

Renowned KathaKar Kanakeshwari Devi

Renowned KathaKar Kanakeshwari Devi

"A human birth is attained only through the grace of God. The desire for liberation is attained through His supreme grace. Only when God’s supreme grace is coupled with religious merits accumulated over a number of past births does one get to listen to the divine satsanga on Self-knowledge, as rendered by revered Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu."

Anantshri Mahamandaleshwar Balyogi Swami Arjunpuriji Maharaj, Haridwar

Anantshri Mahamandaleshwar Balyogi Swami Arjunpuriji Maharaj, Haridwar:

  "Sant Sri Asaramji Bapu is a great ascetic. He has contributed a lot to the service of the Hindu world and people have great faith in Him. Some people do not like to see the fame and prosperity of others. Such miscreants take undue advantage of such opportunities. Asaramji’s endeavours for social service are very praiseworthy."

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