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Sant Sri Asaramji Ashram

There are more than 370 Ashrams working under the guidance of Asaramji Bapu.[4] These ashrams organise spiritual and social activities on a regular basis. Some of these activities include Weekly Satsang, Distribution and sale of Rishi Prasad and other spiritual publications.

The aim of all Ashrams and Yoga Vedanta Samitis is to show the path of real peace and happiness to the masses. Their involvement in various activities are targeted towards the spiritual, moral, educational, and health related uplifting of the society. These organizations provide financial aid to the poverty-stricken as well as engage in many humanitarian relief efforts. All the Ashram and Samiti efforts are carefully scrutinized and diligently managed with Bapu at the helm.

Ashram Activities :

   1. Temple for Spiritual Practices (Maun Mandir)
   2. Charitable and Educational Activities
   3. Mobile Ayurvedic Dispensary
   4. Ashram's Publications which includes :Audio/Video Cassettes and CDs
   5. Satsang and Shibirs (Meditation Intensives)including Special Programs for Youth/Students and Satsang For Prisoners
   6. Spreading Universal Brotherhood

Sri Yoga Vedant Seva Samiti

There are over 1200 Sri Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti's established by the guidance of Bapu around the world. [4] These Samities are responsible for the spiritual and social activities in their local area by the guidance of Asaram Bapu. Read Sri Yoga Vedant Seva Samiti for more information.

Bal-Sanskar Kendras

Bal Sanskar Kendra or BSK for short are sessions and camps conducted for all-round & comprehensive development of children/students. BSK is inspired by Asaram Bapu and coordinated by Bal Sanskar Kendra Dept., Shri Akhil Bhartiya Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti, Sant Shri Asarmaji Ashram, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.

The FIVE guiding principles of BSK are:

   1. Teach Yogic Practices to awaken Dormant Spiritual Powers.
   2. Share Inspirational Anecdotes & Stories from Scriptures & History of India .
   3. Instill Good Sacrament & cultural values for character building & success.
   4. Provide Health Care tips & precautions for all seasons for healthy bodies.
   5. Knowledge gain while having fun & playing games.......

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