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Protect Culture, Faith and Spirituality of India
Protect Culture, Faith and Spirituality of India


Arise Awake!! Protect Culture, Faith and Spirituality of India!!


Once again a heinous attempt is being made to taint divine Indian Hindu saints with malignant “sting operation” by a news channel whose only newsworthiness seems to be in showing these made up sensational and “Breaking - News” edited and doctored clippings aimed at jolting the faith of millions of Indian Hindus. Continuously false stories are being played under the guise of” Sting Operation” by the media being sold to the anti nationalists who are trying to destroy India by attacking its culture and its faith and trying to malign the image of its divine, benevolent Hindu Saints. Claiming “the camera never lies” and disclaimers like “we do not aim to hurt anyone’s sentiments, we respect all faiths”, this channel is repeatedly being caught in the act of showing doctored dramatic videos, and plastering their own perverted viewpoint on the impressionable viewer.

Deplorable behaviour of the channel in falsely accusing others when they themselves are culpable! However, the viewers’ discretion , understanding and experience is not so weak that they can’t differentiate between what’s true and false and the fact that all the channel’s hankering after is TRP’s.

All concerned citizens should immediately lock these channels in their setup box i.e. boycott  channels like AajTak which demonstrate its deplorable mentality derived by running after TRP’s by telecasting sensational, distorted and concocted facts with baseless and fabricated stories and in-turn attempting to demolish the culture, religion of our nation. As Lord Sri Ram and Sri Lakshman used to assail the devils attempting to destroy the pious Yagyans by throwing bones and filth; similarly we together with our relatives and friends need to boycott these TRP driven channels engaged in rooting out faith of Hindu society. We have plenty of other news channels that we can watch.


What can we give to the saints who take us from high to the highest and enable us to reach salvation!? At least we should not become the target of these TRP crazy channels with such shoddy motives and demonstrate our love for our great nation and Saints and showcase strong faith and belief in our culture by detaching ourselves from these channels for ever.

Inaction by the responsible citizens is a more challenging threat to the nation than is terrorism. Why was VitthalPanth - father of Janeshwar Maharaj, forced to ingress water (take the Jal-Samadhi)? Where were the good people at that time? Why didn’t they protest against the injustice? People are stimulated by the untruth so deeply that they sense truth to be false and thus protest against the truth. Therefore we, as responsible citizens should become strong and brave and should be ready to sacrifice their life for the sake of truth like Bhagat Sing, Chandrashekar, Rani LaxmiBai etc.

Its the time to gear up,join hands and stand up to fight against these anti-elements. We need to teach a lesson to these vendible channels, the great enemies of the mother India who do not even hesitate to sell their mother, sister, daughter, religion and the Nation. They want to malign the image of the Indian Saints and thus want to destroy the Indian culture for eternity. If we Indians do not come forward to defend our sacred religion, then the legacy of the incarnations of the Lord like Sri Ram and Sri Krishna and the Saints like Kabirji and Guru Nanak would be destroyed. So if we do nothing even after watching the audacity with which such heinous sin is being committed in broad daylight, then isn’t the divine flame ignited within us is futile? Is that of no use? Are we not Indians? Even though we are staying in families and society but are we taking up our responsibility towards the Nation and the culture seriously? Do we need God to incarnate and awaken us? Do the Saints of the country have to repeatedly give the call to the nation - “Arise Awake!! Protect culture, faith and spirituality!? ”?

Let’s come together to unveil the truth of the anti-socialist media, to face the upcoming non proliferation of the anti Calvinist and start a movement to protect our country from the western powers, also to mount a pressure on these anti-elements through legal policies of the country.  It’s high time to take the decision. If we become lazy or  weak then we will have a heavy price to pay for our fallacies and we would probably end up with the complete annihilation of our Great culture. And if this happens then our human life and our initiation from the great Spiritual Masters would be a debt upon us forever.

It’s a call to each and every patriot, protector of Dharma (Hindu religion) and responsible citizen to India to come forward and perform their duty. Do not give chance to media to do what ever they want. The sting operation should also be done on those news channels who have taken the burden of legal snaffle on Saints and especially on Hindu Shrines; to understand who is driving and encouraging them? What is the source of their money? In one hand they charge millions for one minute show, and on the other side they show the false sting operation on Saints for hours! Who is driving all these? Why there is no legal snaffle on them? If these channels are so courageous and always adhere to the truth then why don’t they raise finger upon leaders of other religions which are openly engaged in religious conversion under the garb of perverted promises and thus attempting to demolish our divine Indian culture and enslave our country. One blatant example is that the sexual harassment by priests of the church is being protected around the globe.  Why is the media shying to show this truth to the people? Is the Pope the father of the media? Or media is the father of the Pope? (This is just an example and we do not intend to denigrate any religion, but only to seek out the truth)

Think and ponder for a while, that have you ever seen any absurd story like this before on other God, Goddess or spiritual leaders’ other then Hindu religion? Think from the inner core of your heart and contemplate whether justice is being served upon our culture.

Therefore we caution you not to be mislead by this manipulative, dishonest, anti-nationalist and selfish media in order to maintain the peace and harmony in society. Its time once again to say “Yellow Journalism, Quit India”! Oh the vigorous sentinel of the ancient Indian culture! When ever any media id engaged to blemish the image of our saints, we need to come to the fore and serve the country in the following way and also create awareness for this in society:


Steps for locking any channel in set top boxes

1.     Select MENU Button on your Remote control.

2.     Select SETTINGS Option.

3.     Select CHILD LOCK or SECURITY or Parental Control Option.

4.     It may ask you for the 4 digit pin number which can be (0000 or 1234 or you can contact your customer care) .

5.     then it will give you the option to select channels BY NAME or BY RATINGS.

6.     Select  BY NAME Option and the select those recommended news channels & Press OK & Apply Button.

Name & order of options may vary depending upon the Providers Set Top Box.


Steps for locking any channel  for Cable Tv users

1.     Select MENU Button on your Remote control

2.     Select  CHILD LOCK Option.

3.     Select those recommended news channels & Press OK Button


Many T.V sets also have the facilities for Child Lock or Parental Lock. Incase you face any difficulties while locking the channel through setup box or TV, and then please contact your customer care.

You can also call your customer care to lock the channel.


Reliance Big TV:  18602006666, 18002009001

Dish TV: 18601803472, 18001803474

Airtel Digital TV: 12150, 020-40181400, 18001028080

Tata Sky: 18604256633


Videocon DTH: 18001028080. 


New Comment
Created by Anuradha Behera in 10/17/2010 9:40:59 PM wo log bade abhage hain jo santon ko pehchan nahi paate,jo hame bhagwan mein lagate hain,bhakti,gyan ko badhate hain,hame sansar mein jine ka tarika batate hain aise guru ka pujan na karen to kiska karen,mata-pita aur guru mein bhagwan nahi dekh sakte to jab bhagwan bhi aayenge saamne to koi kaise pehchan sakega..sant kabir ji bolte hain GURU GOVIND DONO KHADE KAKE LAGU PAYE...BALIHARI GURU AAPNE JO GOVIND DIYO DIKHAYE...aur sant tulsidaas bolte hain ki GURU BIN BHAVANIDHI TARAHI NA KOI JO BIRANCHI SHANKARA SAM HOI..BHAGWAN Shivji bhi shivgeeta mein guru ki mahima bataye hain...wo log sach mein dhanya hain jo santon ko pehechan paate hain aur unke kahe anusar apne jiwan ko saath mein dusaron ke jiwan ko bhi dhanya banate hain..aise channels jo sanatan sanskriti ke stambh santon ke bare mein man gadhat baaten jismein ki jhuth ke siwaye kuch nahi hai dikhate hain unka bahiskaar karna hi buddhimani hai...aur jo hame paramatma priti aur bhakti de kar ham par param upkaar kar rahe hain aise santon ka prem se pujan aur bhagwat bhakti badhakar jiwan ko safal banana hai.
Closed Loose Talk about Bapuji
Created by Aayush Bajpai in 10/16/2010 8:35:16 AMBapuji is great saint of india, please stop abusing about such a saint, who gives brightness, knowledge and peace to the world. Bapuji is truly a pure soul.
Jai Asharam Bapu ki...
Jai Bharat...

Created by Anonymous in 10/14/2010 3:39:03 AMNews chaanels only spread irreligion and viciousness among people. The worst channel in this respect is NDTV, attacking Hinduism under the pretext of giving correct information.
Hindu bashing has been their motive for years.

New Comment
Created by Anonymous in 10/10/2010 7:22:41 PMApne aap ko bhagwan ki tarah pujwana mahan pakhand hai. Sachhe sant iska virodh karte hai. Koi sachhe sant apne samne apni puja aur apni ramayan nahi kahalwate hai. Balki wo logon ko apne men lagane ke badle bhagwan men hi lagate hai. Aur ye baat bilkul jhuti hai ki bina guru ke kalyan nahi hota. vastaw men bina bhagwan men lage kalyan nahi hota. Bhagwan to sabke guru hai phir koi nigura kaise hua? jo log aisa kahte hai ki nigure ka kalyan nahi hota aur guru banao, wo log sirf apni toli banana chahate hai. main to sabhi bhai aur bhan se kahta hoon ki bhagwan men hi lago aur pakhand se bacho. maine to yah bhi santo se suna hai ki jo log sisya banate hai aur sisya us janm me partama ko nahi pata hai to agle janm men guru kutta banta hai aur sisya chil aur koye bante hai aur uska khoon pite hai. isliye kalyug ke bhagwan se bacho. kyonki koi bhi jeev kitna hi bada brahmgayani ho jaye bhagwan nahi ban sakta hai. Koyoki wo apna kewal karm hi divya bana sakta hai apna janm divya nahi bana sakta hai. Apna janm aur karm to kewal bhagwan hi divya bana sakte hai.

Mujhe bhi dukh hota hai ki ye channel wale kewal bhartiya/sanatan dharm pe hi sting karte hai dusare dharm walon pr nahi. lekin hamre santo ko bhi sajag rahna chaiye taki apne sanatan dharm ki badnami na ho aur unhe apne swarth se upar uthkar logon ko apni puja aur dhyan men na lagakar kewal bhagwan men hi lagana chahiye. Mera to aisa biswas hai ki hamare santo par(only true sant jo apne aap sant kahalwaye wo nahi) koi kitna bhi sting kar le kuch hasil nahi kar payega kyonki we dharm ke murtiman roop hote hai. Agar phir bi ye channel wale kuch ka kuch dikhana chahe to bhagwan ko bardast nahi ho sakta hai. Bhagwan apni ninda to sun sakte hai prantu apne payaro ki ninda nahi bardast kar sakte hai. mera aaz ke tatha kathit santo se yahi kahna hai ki aap khud bhagwan men lgo aur dusaro ko bhi bhagwan men lagao. Aisa nahi hona chahiye ki aap khud bhagwan ban jao aur dusaro ko bhi bhagwan men na lagakar apni puja aur d

Created by VISHAL SHARMA in 10/9/2010 2:08:53 PMjUST TO INCREASE THEIR trps these channels are proagating false stories and news ........GOD WILL DEFINATELY PUNISH THESE PEOPLES AND CHANNELS...HARI OM HARI OM..
For those who think: What will my blocking the channel do?
Created by Keyur Shah in 10/6/2010 9:13:47 PMIf you think: Jaisi karni vaisi Bharni... Bhagwan/Allah/Jesus/God will punish the evil minded ppl, then what will you do? We are made in God's image. If thinking my single vote to not watch won't change anything, then you can also determine otherwise: "I will stand against the wrong even if I am alone" because that is the righteous way to do it. God/prakriti will then do its magic too ;) rest assure. But this is the moment of test for us. And we will pass :) Please don't watch any channels that spreads defamatory news for our pure and sacred Saints.
Narayan Narayan Narayan! Hari Om Hari OM. Om Om OM

New Comment
Created by sudarsan2 in 10/6/2010 10:27:54 AMHARIOM,SABHI SADHAK PARIWAR KO MERA BINATI HEI KI "Aaj Tak" CHENNAL MAT DEKHO.
Created by Gaurav rajora in 10/5/2010 8:59:49 AMApne vinash ka pakka intzaam karne ke liye aajtak channel ko badhai ho.
Created by Gaurav rajora in 10/5/2010 8:58:24 AMApne vinash ka pakka intzaam karne ke liye aajtak channel ko badhai ho.
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