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De-Addiction Day: Is “De-Addiction” actually possible by mere Acts or provisions or does it need a real visionary’s efforts?
De-Addiction Day: Is “De-Addiction” actually possible by mere Acts or provisions or does it need a real visionary’s efforts?

Drug dependence is still to be recognized as a significant public health problem but how do we stop this? Apart from imposing law and relevant legal provisions, various steps have been taken to forcefully make our country “vice-free”; observance of “De-Addiction Day” being one of those. De-addiction day is celebrated every year to create awareness amongst people and specially the youth about the negative effects of narcotic-drugs, alcohol and the likes.

The Act 1985, 1990 - related to Narcotic drugs and liquor came into force, which clearly states that: to keep, sell, cultivate, produce, purchase and smuggle any narcotic drug or liquor is a non-bail-able offence, for which one is liable to be imprisoned for either a term of 20 years or fined up-to INR 2 lakh rupees; and recurrence of such offences, makes one liable for death sentence.

Narcotics Control Bureau was set up in this context in the year 1986. A connecting agency to international treaties and execution of protocol, to which India is a signatory; imparts knowledge & education through CBTM, spreads awareness through sign boards and banners at pubs, bars, metro trains & other public places and advises state & concerned authorities on various de-addiction related issues.

Are these Acts & provisions of law and regulatory agencies sufficient to curb addiction habits in the society? The answer is unfortunately No. The big question - whose endeavours changed the plight of the society falling prey to the lure of western culture of drinking and other such addictions?

One could argue that the legal system is the only way to curb such vices but I’d say, it’s the endeavors of Hindu saints, especially those of Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu (endearingly referred to as “Bapuji”) in this regard, that have brought in considerable change in society’s attitude and mindset. He’s a saint who has taken this resolve to change the plight of society where a person earns less than what he spends on addictive-substances, narcotic drugs, alcohol, tobacco, bidis, cigarette etc. thereby leading his family to suffer monetarily at every step of life to survive. Rather than honouring the Saint and His efforts with any award or prize at national or international level (which He actually doesn’t need or even seek for), He has been defamed as a “liquor seller” / “Bootlegger” by the conspirators of “Sanatan Dharma”. Bapuji, a saint who got ashram constructed at a place which was notorious for liquor selling, and transformed it into a pilgrimage, is caught up and put behind bars, why so?

It is because He gave a big shock to the big brands of wine, beer, whiskey and taught His disciples the path of righteousness. He warned the society of the harmful impacts of such things in one’s personal, professional and social life and gave rendition on demerits of alcohol, tobacco etc. several times during His discourses. Hundreds of thousands of people used to resolve to quit alcohol, cigarette and tobacco in each of His discourse session and the conch He blew was capable enough to give courage to those people who come out of addiction, thus transforming many lives (Suggested reading – Nashe se Savdhaan).

It is to be noted that wine, beer, whiskey and brandy contain 10%, 30%, between 40-50% alcohol respectively and this micro-poison causes intoxication; disperses within no time into entire body and obstructs blood vessels and brain functions, intestines are putrefied; blood vessels dilate and may cause paralysis. A drunken person loses control over his mind, thereby starting to stumble, abuse, stink, and as a result of which, some drunkards become insane and die untimely.

Dr. Nickels with his scientific experiments has proved liquor to be “non-essential”, rather extremely “harmful”, for the human body. Biologists have proved that off-springs of the regular alcohol consumers inherit eye cancer. While “alcoholism” by itself destroys at least 7 generations by passing & transmitting diseases to upcoming generations, satsang creates positivity in 21 generations that makes them healthier.  

Bapuji used to quote in His discourses:-

Jaam par jaam peene se kya fayda, raat beeti, subah ko abhaagi alcohol utar jayegi; tu hari naam ki pyaliyaan piya kar, teri sari zindagi sudhar jayegi, sudhar jayegi..”

Meaning, “it is of no use to consume alcohol. One should rather intoxicate oneself by enchanting God’s holy name; and that would reform one’s life undoubtedly.”

Mr. Hari Prasad Chhavda (Anti addiction department) visited Gujarat ashram several times and appreciated ashram’s endeavors to encourage millions of people to change their lives to become teetotaler, which could hardly be done by any administration, law & order or any governing body, certainly not at such a large scale, that too - without pomposity.

Our scriptures also warn us and suggest refraining from the habit of drinking or the use of drugs. One who wishes to progress in spiritualism, needs to refrain from the habit of drinking since this habit leads one to all vices and sins of abusing, gambling, theft, killing etc. (Reference Kalidas excerpts). Disciples of Pujya Bapuji, who is a great saint and who has done a lot for the humanity, today seek reason for His unjust incarceration.

Bapuji has never been into any illicit practice of liquor selling or committing any offence against any woman.  He always blessed the humanity with His preaching, but is now made to suffer a lot every-day at this age of 74, while he is being moved to and fro from the jail to court in scorching sunlight despite being so innocent.

We pray to the Omnipresent to not let Him face such situations for long and hope for his instantaneous release by the judiciary proving Him innocent.

OM, OM, OM, Bapuji jaldi bahar aao.

Dragging out of evil in sociey
Created by Anonymous in 7/4/2014 11:25:14 AMHari Om, Sadguru Deo ke charon men sat-sat naman and I wish to God and all Devi-Devtas to pour their shakti and ashirwad to get our Bapuji at the earliest. It is fact that Bapuji has worked to throw out bad things from the society and to establish the moral values in the society. There are many-2 examples of this who tells us that with the grace of Bapuji, their lives has been changed. They all have started to live happily and prosperously. Hari Om......
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Created by Gopal Prasad Sakunia in 7/3/2014 1:43:22 PMJudiciary should take prmopt decision for releasing Puj. Bapuji immediately.

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