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Let’s Celebrate ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ On 14th Feb
Let’s Celebrate ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ On 14th Feb

 Let’s Celebrate ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ On 14th Feb



What is Teenage Time Bomb?  

Catherine Mayor (Journalist, Time Magazine) writes: - The boys and girls who casually pick fights, have sex and keep the emergency services fully occupied are often fuelled by cheap booze. ... They are more likely to try drugs or start smoking young.  English girls are the most sexually active in Europe. Britain has high rates of both teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.” 

Camila Batmanghelidjh, the founder of Kids Company, an organization working with some of London’s poorest young: “If I was sitting in government, I would be really worried- not about terrorist bombs but about this (Teenage Time Bomb).” 

How to defuse the Teenage Time Bomb? 

DiIulio, a law-and-order conservative wants to strengthen religious institutions to instil better values in children and the young generation." 

Therefore the only way to defuse this teenage time bomb in India is to get the benefits of teachings and moral values preached by great saints like Pujya Bapuji. Otherwise India will have to face the wave of juvenile predators just like the foreign countries. 

In India such enlightened great men not only preach but also practically inculcate divine samskaras in the children through running thousands of ‘Baal Sanskar Kendras’. They also save the young generation from degeneration caused by the devastating wave of westernization through nationwide propagation of books such as ‘Divya Prerana Prakash’ and also save them from the plague of Valentine’s Day by substituting it with ‘Parents’ Worship Day’. 

Parents’ Worship Day’ is being celebrated Across the Globe. 

Views of Celebrities On ‘Parents’ Worship Day’. 

1.Mukesh Khanna (Mahabharat’s Bhisham) 2. Govinda (Actor) 3. Anuradha Paudwal (Singer) 4. Arjun (Firoz khan) (Mahabharat’s Arjun) 5. Bhagyashree ( Actress) 6. Gajendra Chauhan (Mahabharat’s Yudhisthar) 7. Anupjalota (Singer) 8. Arun Govil ( Ramayan’s Ram) 9. Ashok Singhal- VHP 

Many States recognize 14th Feb as ‘Parents’ Worship Day’. 

  1. Karnataka, Higher Education Minister, C.T. Ravi 

  1. Chhattisgarh’s CM, Dr. Raman Singh 

  1. Madhya Pradesh 

How to participate and celebrate ‘Parents’ Worship Day’. 




Let's Celebrate 'Parents' Worship Day' On 14th Feb.
Created by Govind Singh Rathore in 2/14/2014 6:18:21 PMपरम पूज्य बापू जी के द्वारा शुरू किया गया अभियान "14 फरवरी को वेलेंटाइन डे की जगह मातृ - पितृ दिवस " मनाने की गूंज आज पूरे विश्व में देखी जा रही है ।
Dhanya hai Humlog
Created by Sachin in 2/14/2014 9:34:25 AMWe are really luck & definitely would have done some good KARMA in last birth , that we have got bapuji as our " Guru Jee".

Now after spending 35 years of my life , I realized that because of blessings of baupji only , we have never chosen wrong paths in the life , specifically at the time of 18- 24 years , which is the crucial age and has lot of chance to get on wrong track of life.

On that this Matri Pitra Pujan Diwas , is a chance to how your love & respect to your loving Parents , who are " Jeete Jagte DEV" .. ..... They are the only one who are with you without any Selfishness & only with blessings in each type of your time in life ....

The only last wish I have that till end of my life , I will remain in the feet of my Bapujee....

Sgri Gurudev ke charno mein Shat Shat Pranam.... jai Bholenath

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