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40+ Years, Over 425 Ashrams, more than 1400 Samitis and 17000+ Balsanskars, 50+ Gurukuls. Millions of Sadhaks and Followers.
इंडिया टीवी को फटकार , और जारी की गयी चेतावनी
इंडिया टीवी को फटकार , और जारी की गयी चेतावनी



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Created by Anonymous in 11/7/2013 1:57:19 AMaise channel band kar do.
Good job
Created by Ravi in 11/7/2013 1:56:56 AMThe certain sections of electronic media have crossed all limits of unbiased reporting of news.It appears as if the media is party to the whole controversies about Bapuji. The media has become prosecutor, judge and jury in these cases.If media is to decide the cases,where is the need of judiciary in this country.I thank all those individuals who have taken this initiative and have been successful in convincing the NBSA in this case.There are number of false, baseless and malicious stories have been floated around by the media,which also needs to be countered and truth to be told to public.Please continue with this good work, parmatma is with you.

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