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Women power is the need of hour - Dharna at Janter Manter by Women NGO - " Women's Grace"
Women power is the need of hour - Dharna at Janter Manter by Women NGO - " Women's Grace"


WOMEN’S GRACE, The Voice of women

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Press Note

Women power is the need of hour

Government’s  inability and the corrupt administration has been fully exposed in the horrific episode of Damini’s gang rape despite the tight security in the capital Delhi. Frequent protests and rallies that had to be suppressed by police hard handed atrocities which laid bare the hollow administration and the political vacuum in the country. The Government in order to escape the glare of the media and the rage of the people played politics and took recourse to underhand means to deflect the attention from itself and focus on renowned saints like Asharamji Bapu by twisting his discourses and presenting a lopsided version of it through  selected media channels.

Whereas the society is already upset on account of various irregularities including an attack by mean of misinterpretation of words spoken by saints and the mis-quotation of underlying Indian culture has aggravated matters. To reflect this growing anguish various women organizations collectively staged a protest at Jantar Mantar. Prominent among them were SARTHAK and WOMENS GRACE NGO’s. a number of organizations like NAYI DISHA, DURGA WAHINI and NARI JAGRITI expressed their full support to women’s right and shown their anguish against hard words spoken against various saints who are constantly endeavoring to protect womens rights in the society sighting the cultural and traditions values of our society.

President of SARTHAK Shrimati Vasundhara Sharma demanded strict punishment for the guilty in Damini’s rape case. Shew expressed doubts over the efficacy of fast courts and a few modifications to the law inorder to arrest this menace in society. Just by changing the language of IPC 376 can the underlying menace be controlled? Of course the answer is in the negative. The need of the hour is to strengthen the roots of the society , social and cultural upliftment and giving the rightful place to women in the society.

It took the brave Damini’s struggle and the ultimate sacrifice to wake up our conscience   and startle us from our deep slumber.  Unfortunately there are countless more Damini’s suffering throughout the country. Who is responsible for their suffering and death? Are only a handful of individuals responsible for such horrific behavior? Or is the responsibility to be squarely placed on the people who garner our votes and are only interested in their own selfish motives plunging the country in corruption, mal-administration  and subjugation who are least bothered by the woes facing the society. They are focused on dismembering the fingers pointing at them through the use of administrative machinery taking recourse to tear gas and lathi charge.    Not only that when the media focuses its attention on them they try and divert attention through the use of distorted excerpts of saint Asaram discourses so that the fingers pointing at them can be directed somewhere else. However they have miscalculated, the public is not stupid they know how to distinguish between truth and chaff and they know the contribution of saints towards women up-liftment and the yeoman work carried out in ensuring women’s pride of place in the society.  It is well known that whenever the times are tough saints and holy men take the lead in guiding the society to get out from the morass. That is why people from all walks of life are associated with such saints and holy men. Precisely this is the reason why the government machinery targets them in order to deflect attention from its misdemeanors’. The public is alert to these evil designs. We demand justice from this administration and an accountability for this gruesome episode. Do not consider us to be weaklings. We are a storehouse of love and affection who rear up families but can also take up the role of Durga and teach a lesson or two to modern day Mahishasuras.   

President of WOMEN’S GRACE Sarita Gupta illustrated succinctly on our Indian culture. She gave an example of Mahatma Gandhi who in his childhood had seen the play Raja Harishchandra and its teachings were so ingrained in him that he came to be known as modern day Harishchandra and is revered in the world today. On the other hand under the influence of western culture even small children are tracking to the gun culture and end up their life behind bars. Even small children question their parents that if they are not able to rear them and provide for their unbecoming demands why were they given birth in the first place. How are these children going to carry the society and lead the country. Strict punishment should be meted out to the perpetrators of Damini’s rape case but steps should be taken to ensure that such barbaric elements are not produced in the society.  She opined that when we forgo our roots our culture then we rear up such elements. It is the saints and holy men who promote the value of culture in our society.  Tearing apart the media who blamed Sant Asharamji she said that she has never heard him advocating usurping power of women or insulting women. On the other hand he has epitomized women to Laxmi the harbinger of peace and prosperity. He has given examples of Savitri, Sulabha  Gargi and Shabari are coaxed all women folk to follow their traditions and make their lives sublime. he is a firm believer that it is women folk who impart culture to the whole family. He has been responsible for physical, mental and spiritual upliftment of women and is in the forefront of campaign to prevent female infanticide.   

Grieved over Damini’s episode he held a prayer meeting in which countless of his followers joined him in prayers for the departed soul. He organized life time support for the whole family  and providing education and means of support to immediate family members.  No media channel even mentioned this aspect.  

The recent episode where Bapuji and six of his followers escaped unhurt after the helicopter crash was lapped up by the media but the underlying reason was God’s remembrance. In this context he had opined that if Damini had also been initiated she would never have had to face this horrific episode. the same media who went gaga  over the helicopter episode s painting him with a villain’s brush.

Western influence has created nuclear families separating us from our elderly and familial affection. COPY FROM ARORAJIS TRANSLATION. .  

Why doesn’t media promote this event. Media is the fourth pillar of our society and should reflect its aspirations rather than falling prey to narrow minded selfish institutions who are predators of humanity.

Keeping in mind that Media is a reflection of the society Tripti Sharma president of NAYI DISHA said that media is the conscience keeper of the nation responsible for rectifying the image of the society. But if the media itself gets embroiled then can it reflect the true picture? The country nourished by the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel cannot be side tracked by fallacious reporting and montage.  We appeal to all the right thinking media persons to cultivate a strong India seeped in deep cultural values rather than a divided india bickering at each other so that true justice can be obtained for Damini.  In order to increase their TRP ratings the media should not lower their standards broadcasting unverified and vicious material which will bring harm to Indian ethos and culture.    



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