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Attack on Indian Culture, Humanity, Hinduism & Saints
Attack on Indian Culture, Humanity, Hinduism & Saints


Sri Yog Vedant Seva Samiti

Sabarmati, Ahmedabad – 380005.   Phone:  27505010-11


Dated: 27-11-2009



Attack on Indian Culture, Humanity, Hinduism & Saints


Breaking all boundaries of vandalism, the act of beastly violence that was executed by the police today at Sant Shri Asaramji Ashram, can terrify & shake the heart. The rally that was drawn in protest against the Sandesh newspaper saw their own miscreants getting into the crowd and instigating the people to pelt stones at the police. In the resulting violence that ensued, some senior police officials and other police staff were injured in the attack. One or two senior officials also suffered some major head injuries in the conflict with the crowd. The revenge for this act was inflicted by the police on the same day by brutally assaulting about three to four hundred participants in the rally. 236 people were arrested, including people who were admitted in hospital after being injured in police lathi charge. The people admitted in hospital were also not spared and were picked up by the police after preliminary first aid treatment. Legal Section 307 relating to murder was also imposed on them. But the senior police officers were still not satisfied even after inflicting such cruel brutalities on the people who believed in Hindu religion & culture and were devoted to their spiritual Master. In their rage of anger, they wanted to engulf the entire Ashram of Pujya Bapuji. The culmination was a huge and terrible terrorist attack like situation in the Ashram late in the afternoon wherein a large convoy of nearly 150 policemen suddenly struck the Ashram premises. Whoever was found in the Ashram, wherever & in whatever situation, was beaten in a barbaric manner with lathis, sticks, shoes and rifle butts. People were chased in the Ashram, and catching hold of them, they were bundled up in half a dozen large police vans. All showcase glass windows were smashed unnecessarily. Some sadhaks had closed the doors of their rooms out of fear. Their rooms were broken through and those sadhaks were taken away while mercilessly beating them with sticks on the way. Even elderly sadhaks who had come to Ashram from out-station for anushthhaan were not spared. The room of one of the sadhaks, who was doing saadhna in the Maun Mandir for a week, was also broken through, and he was dragged away by the police, pulling him by the hair. Such was the nature of cruel police brutality that they even opened fire to terrorize the sadhaks who were running towards the river to save themselves. This entire operation of police imposed terror in the peaceful Ashram of a Self Realized Brahmagyani saint lasted for about one and half to two hours. Every nook and corner of the Ashram was searched; people were looked up from every single place in the Ashram, and in the end, they were hurled into large police vans which were already kept prepared for the encounter.


The incident did not end here. About 10-12 kids and elderly sadhaks were released from the place where all these people were taken (possibly due to legal implications). Out of those released, was a retired South Indian professor who had himself suffered 10-12 blows with sticks at the hands of the police. He updated that the police had planned for them to sit in an open field about 50 yards from the place where they got down the police van. All along the way, the policemen positioned themselves on both the sides and armed with sticks, assaulted the arrested people saying that their senior officer had suffered 10 stitches in the head (during the rally). The vengeance of the ten stitches on their senior police officers was wreaked on numerous innocent sadhaks by the inhuman police jawaans. It appeared as though these police officers were keen to please & display their loyalty to the senior officers through such malevolent acts.


The architect of these entire heart rending scenes which shake the foundations of humanity was “Sandesh” newspaper. Sandesh newspaper has been exposed to the public recently in a sting operation CD named “Sajish ka Pardafash” for directly conspiring for many years in nefarious activities & defamation acts against Pujya Bapuji. Through its unscrupulous and scheming ways, Sandesh created unrest in the rally and pitched the police against the Ashram. Using its complete financial and political influence to save its existence, Sandesh thus planned & executed the entire event.



The atrocious behavior of the police in today’s civilized society is a stigma on the name of humanity. No condemnation can be too high for this brutal act.


We would like to appeal to Hon'ble President of India, Prime Minister, Supreme Court Chief Justice, Union Home Minister, the Governor of Gujarat, Chief Minister and Chief Justice, all humanitarian organizations throughout the world, Chairman Human Rights Commission, and good leaders of all political parties to immediately come forward and investigate this inhuman act, so that stern action is taken without delay against the guilty. The clandestine role of the owners of “Sandesh” newspaper involved in secretly conspiring against the Ashram should also be investigated. Hordes of enthusiastic photographers & reporters from the electronic & print media were on the spot to cover the entire event of police terror, which was broadcast LIVE not only in India, but internationally as well. Else, this heinous act would have remained unknown and overlooked by all.


Apart from these organizations, we would also like to appeal to all the honored saints of the country wide religions & communities that they join us against this extremely well planned attack on the Indian “Sanatan” culture, so that we can give such forces a fitting reply in time and protect the very existence of our religion, culture and society.


With this aspiration,


Hari Om…



New Comment
Created by Romesh Sharma in 12/28/2009 3:21:55 AMIt seems that humanity has been disappeared form the dictionary of Gujarat Govt.May God bless them wisdome
New Comment
New Comment
Created by bhanwar lal in 12/3/2009 8:19:51 AMshamful act on the devine place.
Shame on Gujara Police
Created by Girish Pathak in 12/1/2009 5:09:46 AMBrutally attacking on innocent sadhaks makes gujarat police once more inhumane. Where is Modi government sleeping? I pray to the God to grant strong will power to all the sadhaks of the Ashram. Hari Om!
Very Shameful
Created by MOHIT BHOJWANI in 12/1/2009 4:03:05 AMMy appeal to all Officials is to investigate this brutal act & take Firm action against them.I cant understand that why should we suffer all this. My question to this Govt. is Terrorists attacks were not enough to destroy PEACE in our country that these people just for the sake of some money indulge in these kind of acts? Instead of destroying these non social animals we are supporting them by not doing anything against them.
New Comment
Created by Arvind in 12/1/2009 12:57:18 AMIt seems that Gujarat Police and government are singing on the tunes of Sandesh Newspaper. This is what they are doing since last two years against Ashram. Gujarat is blown away by the false public sentiment created by the newspaper. Offices of the Sandesh newspaper should also be raided immediately and all staff including its owner should undergo narco test in connection with the murder of two gurukul children and voilence.
ye police nahe pu lach hai
Created by santosh kumar Gupta in 11/30/2009 10:18:26 PMgandhee ke us rajya mai jaha se gandhee je ne satya aur ahisha ka marg dikhlaya tha us rajay mai es tarha ke amaanviwe ,barbar hinshak bartaw uaha ke sadhkoo par kiya gaya usse gulame ke dino mai aggrej sarkar bhe sarma jatee bujuraj aur lachar viklang sadhkoo par es tarha ka akraman kiya jase ke wo aantankwadee ke garh ho ye sabhay samaj police ke es hisank rup ko bardast nahe kar sakte
Created by Subodh joshi in 11/29/2009 11:36:26 PMi m with ashram bcz what i got from bapuji and the Sanatan sanskriti not possible to got from any other source tell me how can i help ?

Created by Anonymous in 11/29/2009 8:34:35 PMNew Comment
we all are in this protest against voilence and injustice and pray all indians unite before it is too late.

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