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गुरुपूनम महोत्सव २०१३ - पुणे




As per the tradition this year too the sadhaks were eager to know about gurupoornima celebration -

the most important festival of the year. Pujya Bapuji graced Pune with his presence for Gurupoornima

Mahotsav on 13 and 14 july 2013.

The sadhaks rejoiced when they heard the announcement of pujyashri’s arrival to bless pune

with satsang and darshan at Sant shri Asharamji Ashram ,Alandi. In spite of heavy rains throughout

the month all were engaged in several seva activities for the mahotsav. On 13 july when bapuji was

to arrive , even the rain gods were pleased; the rains stopped in Pune and for both the days the

weather was bright and pleasant. For the benefit of visitors Samiti had arranged free to and fro

transportation from bus stand to ashram.

People were overjoyed while Bapuji arrived in the ashram on 13 july at about 11.30 am ; while

Bapuji showered the bliss of satsang ; all sat very peacefully in the pandal and surrounding. During

the program sadhaks witnessed Rekha behen and Rambhai’s satsang too. In the second session of

satsang people were rejoiced as Bapuji came in the midst of sadhaks in railgadi and distributed


14 july was the auspicious day when bapuji blessed many by giving gurudiksha . Pandal was

packed with sadhak for the Diksha session. Shri Yogvedant seva samiti’s BalSanskar department

arranged a Diksha Abhiyan for students .They brought together around 2500 students from Pune and

outskirt villages who benefitted from the Saraswati mantra diskha. Students also learnt different

pranayam and yogic asan in the session. Bapuji also explained the importance, procedure and mantra

for vidya labh to be done on the special day i.e 22 july 2013

During satsang Bapuji explained - how to maintain good health, types of food to be consumed

in the rainy season. The importance of Gurupoornima- excerpts of ved and puran were also narrated –

The situation in which Vedvyasji showed gratitude towards his guru. According to Bapuji’s kind

instructions , Warkari students who attended were given free Awla juice after the program; 22 july

was vidyalabhyog ; for this occasion red sandalwood powder along with saraswati mantra pamphlets

were distributed free of cost by the Samiti to nearly sixty-five different Warkari Sikshan Sansthan in

Alandi , through which around 2500 warkari students benefited.

Sadhaks also benefited from the Satsahitya (Book) stalls and Auyrvedic chikitsalay(clinic) during

the program. Ashram’s satvik meals were served to the sadhaks on both these days. With heavy heart

sadhaks bade Bapuji adieu as the two days gurupoornima mahotsav concluded at noon on 14 july and

pujya shri left for Ryata . They later were happy to see Bapuji waving good bye through the helicopter

window – as if he was indicating he will come back soon to Pune.



Shri Yog Vedant Seva Samiti ,Pune



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