22nd Nov '09:  Shri Ramchandra Bhatt, a MBA graduate from UK and two more sadhaks, Shri Shankar Purohit & Shri H. Manjappa have restored to Indefinite Strike {” Anshan and Dharna ”} to protest against false publications by Sandesh (against Pujya Asaramji Bapu) since 12 November 2009 10pm IST. They are sitting infront of the Sandesh office and protesting silently. But the traitors have bought the police which in turn have arrested the sadhaks along with Shri Ranchandra several times. Is Satyagrah a crime in the land of Gandhi? Even the local hospitals are bought by anti social elements and are trying to prove RamChandra ji and other protestors as mentally retired.This has really reached to an extreme point and is not acceptable at any cost.


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