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Pujya Bapuji's Sandesh -25th, Nov 2004

Om Om Om Bapu Jaldi Bahar Aao Akhand Mantra Jap



The more one chants the pious name of God, the faster his wishes get fulfilled.
Let's join hands and participate in the World Wide Samoohik Japa of :"OM OM OM BAPUJI JALDI BAHAR AAO" Mantra and make a wish & Sankalpa that may Pujya Bapuji come out of all these false allegations and may His health, spiritual wealth and glory increase day by day. May Sanatan Dharma be ever protected and safeguarded.
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Please register yourself and be a part of this Mass Global Japa .Request you to please spread the message and inspire your near and dear ones as well to be the part of this event.


You could register your name and time slot here.
For Havan Please follow the instructions provided at this link
सनातन धर्मं की रक्षा हो, अधर्म का नाश हो , सत्य की विजय हो .......



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