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Guru Seva Description

Seva (Selfless Service)


Selfless service is the fragrant flower of altruistic love. Service is the highest spiritual exercise (sadhana), for God Himself takes human form and comes down to serve mankind.  Therefore, consider how delighted God will be when man serves man! Deserve the grace of God by helping the weak and the poor, the diseased and the disabled, the distressed and the downtrodden. Every human being is a manifestation of the God. Every object manifests the Divine. Service can instill, more intensely than any other activity, the sense of the basic one. Gita says –"Whatever be the work we do, we should do it as an offering to God and for his pleasure." Hence, we should regard selfless service as the very purpose for our life. This feeling should flow through our every nerve and bloodstream and permeate every cell of our body.


Online Seva


Web developer and Software Engineer: We need expert webdevelopers who has experience in maintaing large websites and well versed in web programming and dynamic websites. We also need volunteers who are expert in programming and software experience for other seva projects.


Graphic Designer: We need expert in graphic design who can develop nice and beautiful Bapuji's wall papers, screen savers, news letter design, events design and prachar posters.


Web Content Development Seva: Our Website has lot of sections and we are including lot new content based on Bapuji's satsang.  We need volunteers who are well versed with English and Hindi and can write up nice articles articles for the benefit of website visitors. We also want to digitization of ashram books, mantras, tips & bhajans and putting online every thing on the website.


Digitization of old Rishi Prasad/Lok Kalyan setu issues:Need volunteers who can compile old Rishi Prasad issues and assist in digitization, upload on our website for user benefit.


Tips and Mantras compilation: Need volunteers who can send us tips and mantras articles, video clips as they heard from Bapuji's satsang or books. We will filter them and upload them on website


Translators/Subtitle seva: Need volunteers for translating Bapuji's satsang and books into other international languages. Pujya Bapuji's videos will be subtitled into English for the benefit of people who can not understand Hindi.Sadhaks Anubhavs: Anubhavs are very effective medium with which we can strengthen our faith towards Pujya Bapuji and step forward in our sadhana path. Anubhav sharing is very beneficial to new sadhaks. With these anubhavs, common man will know the benefits of Diksha and Bapuji's satsang in their life. With Bapuji's kripa, many people's desires got fulfilled, and they are leading a simple, healthy and prosperous life. This will also help in building the faith in religion, and we can stop the forced conversion by missionaries. We need volunteers who will compile and contribute to this types of video clips to upload on to our website.


Mobile Ring tones and mobile wall papers: Need sadhak experts who can create kirtan ring tones or bhajan ring tones for our cell phones. We also need Bapuji's cell phone wall papers, and need instructions on how to upload on to our cell phones. We also want to come up ashram.org mobile website so that sadhaks can listen satsang on their mobile phones and get the updates from ashram as well.


Short film director: Need a professional media person who can create short films/media report based on our ashram activities and give to media for prachar. Need to be a very highly skilled person and should be very well versed in English and Hindi. Need to have contacts in Media and should be Bapuji's follower.


Widget, Flash and macromedia related add-ons: Few of the things we can suggest to sadhaks who are expert in Widget design, Flash or multi-media related technologies. 1. Trikaal Sandhya Room 2. Guruji's Virtual Aarti 3. Yogasanas and their various postures 4. Balsanskar - Story telling in animation form 5. Virtual Ashram and Maun mandirs 6. Balsanskar- Language teachings (Alphabets, Numbers etc. ) 7. Various Ashram activities in Flash movie 8. Prachar related clippings ( New CDs, books related) 9. Greeting Cards developers



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