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Bapuji has cure my uncurable disease-ankylosing spondylitis
Bapuji has cure my uncurable disease-ankylosing spondylitis

27 Jun 14

Hi ,

I got diagnose by HL-B27 positive in 2009, and it is been said by doctors that this is genetic disease ankylosing spondylitis  and there is no cure in this world till now, and exact cause of this disease is not define till now.

And I suffer a lot with lot of chronic back pain, the stiffness and pain can spread up the spine and into the neck and pains into the ribs, shoulder blades, hips, thighs and heels. And I was not even able to walk properly… some time pain is to that extend that I cry and ask Bapuji to come help me…

I luckly met Bapuji once and tell him the issue , he just provided me one manter and believe me whenever I have chronic pain I chant that manter and I get relief…and I many satsang Bapuji says… if u think that u are healthy then God provide you the better health..even if u suffered from something… now its only 7 months that I had this manter.. And in my report there NO ankylosing spondylitis  ..Doctors have no answer to this…. I have no pain and  stiffness in my body..In 2014  I am cured and I have taken that manter in 2013 in Rajorkri Ashram… I am so happy and Bapuji is truly a GOD itself…I have so many experience which is not possible to write in this…





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