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40+ Years, Over 425 Ashrams, more than 1400 Samitis and 17000+ Balsanskars, 50+ Gurukuls. Millions of Sadhaks and Followers.
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Showing videos with Rishi_Darshan tag, 16 results
Screenshot Views : 2,843
6 years ago
Madhuradhipate Akhilam Madhuram (मधुराधिपतेरखिलं मधुरं ) - Dhyan
Screenshot Views : 2,362
6 years ago
Durlabh Satsang (दुर्लभ सत्संग )
Screenshot Views : 2,398
6 years ago
Ahmedabad Ashram Sthapana Diwas (अहमदाबाद आश्रम स्थापना दिवस )
Screenshot Views : 1,932
6 years ago
Shreshtha Sadhan Bhagwadvishranti (श्रेष्ठ साधन : भगवद - विश्रांति )
Screenshot Views : 2,260
6 years ago
Vasant Ritu Ka Sandesh (वसंत ऋतु का संदेश )- Vasant :18th Feb to 19th April 2014
Screenshot Views : 1,882
6 years ago
Sadgurudev Ki Yaad Me (सदगुरुदेव की याद में ) - Satsang
Screenshot Views : 2,243
6 years ago
Jaisa Sochoge Vaisa Banoge ( जैसा सोचोगे वैसा बनोगे )
Screenshot Views : 2,323
6 years ago
Sankirtan Hariom Hari om (संकीर्तन हरि ॐ..हरि ॐ )
Screenshot Views : 2,158
6 years ago
Durlabh Satsang (दुर्लभ सत्संग )
Screenshot Views : 1,909
6 years ago
Swasthyaprad Yuktiyan (स्वास्थ्यप्रद युक्तियाँ )
Screenshot Views : 2,022
6 years ago
Satsang Mitaye Ghar Ke Jhagde (सत्संग मिटाये घर के झगड़े )
Screenshot Views : 2,231
6 years ago
Aanand Kirtan (आनंद कीर्तन ) - Pujya Sant Shri Asharam Bapuji
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