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Screenshot Views : 3,299
6 years ago
Sharad Ritu-Swasthya Vishesh (शरद ऋतु - स्वास्थय विशेष) :Satsang - Sant Shri Asaram Bapu ji
Screenshot Views : 1,919
6 years ago
Vidyarthiyon Ki Unnati Hetu 8 Sutra (विद्यार्थियों की उन्नति हेतु आठ सूत्र) : Satsang - Sant Shri Asaram Bapu ji
Screenshot Views : 2,280
6 years ago
Vasant Ritu Ka Sandesh (वसंत ऋतु का संदेश )- Vasant :18th Feb to 19th April 2014
Screenshot Views : 1,932
6 years ago
Swasthyaprad Yuktiyan (स्वास्थ्यप्रद युक्तियाँ )
Screenshot Views : 4,350
7 years ago
Akshay Tritiya 13th May 2013 - (अक्षय फल देने वाली अक्षय तृतीया) - Pujya Asaram ji Bapu Tips
Screenshot Views : 6,526
7 years ago
Increase your Vital Energy by effectively managing daily routine (कैसी हो हमारी दिनचर्या )
Screenshot Views : 4,258
7 years ago
Important Mantra to get rid of Disasters on Bhishma Ashtami 18th Feb 2013 (आपदाओं से रक्षा हेतु मन्त्र)
Screenshot Views : 3,287
7 years ago
25th Jan 2013 चतुर्दशी-आर्द्रा नक्षत्र योग (Importance of Omkar Jap)
Screenshot Views : 5,099
8 years ago
Special Yog to do worship of Yamraj for Long Life on 22nd Dec 2012 (दीर्घायु के लिए यमराज की पूजा )
Screenshot Views : 4,061
8 years ago
For Any Defects (शरीर में कही भी तकलीफ हो तो)
Screenshot Views : 6,090
8 years ago
Special Yog To Remove Tension, Pain and Diseases 19th Dec 2012 (चिंता, कष्ट, बीमारी निवृति योग)
Screenshot Views : 4,582
8 years ago
Special occasion for benefit of all Sisters who are surrounded by sorrow (13th Dec 2012)
Screenshot Views : 20,336
8 years ago
Important Mantra to remove poverty on 14th Dec 2012 (गरीबी निवारण मंत्र)
Screenshot Views : 5,869
8 years ago
Mantra to Increase Wealth and Prosperity on Vaikunth Chaturdashi 26th Nov 2012 (वैकुण्ठ चतुर्दशी मन्त्र)
Screenshot Views : 3,362
8 years ago
How to avoid Premature death on DevUthi Ekadashi (24th Nov 2012) (देवउठी एकदशी पर कैसे हो अकाल मृत्यु से रक्षा)
Screenshot Views : 2,554
8 years ago
Tips To increase eye-sight on Sharad poornima 29th Oct 2012
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