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EDIT DO's and DONT's during summer season
 DOs and DONTs during summer season

In order to maintain the water content in the body and suppress the excess of Vaat, it is essential to intake a diet which is sweet, light, easily digestible, fresh, supple, juicy, cool and nutritious.

Diet: Old sati rice, milk, butter and clarified butter made from cow's milk impart tremendous coolness, agility and strength. Among vegetables, bottlegourd, white pumpkin, pointed gourd, green cucumber, green coriander leaves, mint leaves are best. Among fruits, watermelon, rockmelon, coconut, moango, orange, apple, pomegranate, grapes is extremely beneficial.
Taking salty, dry, stale, spicy, hot, deep fried foods, mango powder, pickles, tamarind, etc. spicy, bitter and sour foods must be  avoided.

A sweet concoction made of lightly fried mango, sweet lemon drink, green coconut water, fresh fruit juice, Thandai, Shikanji, milk and rice porridge, Gulkand and using rose petal, Palash, Mogra, etc. sweet and fragrant additives in drinks is well recommended and helps regulate the water content in the body.
To protect oneself from heat and hot winds, one must cover his head and keep drinking water in small sips at regular intervals. Never drink water after coming in from outside hot weather. Allow atleast 10-15 minutes for your body to cool down. Do not drink water from fridge but from earthen pots or pitchers.

Other activities:
One must do "Pani Prayog" in summer season. Strolling in fresh air, doing yoga, light exercise and oil massage are all beneficial during this time of year.
Staying up late at night and sleeping late into the morning must be abstained at all costs. Excessive exercising, excessive workouts, roaming in high heat, excessive fasting and sleeping with women is forbidden in this weather.

-Rishi Prasad April 2014



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