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EDITRainy Season
Rainy Season

Rainy Season

- During these days, one should use ginger, lemon, rock salt, others in your meals and drinks will aid digestion. Digestive power tends to be weak during this season. Using Mint, green coriander, dry ginger, ajwain, fenugreek, cumin seeds, asafoetida, black pepper, ladys finger, radish, snake gourd, bottle gourd, all these are very conducive to good health.

- Fresh butter milk which is not sour, made with black pepper and rock salt, coriander, mint is very healthy drink. It is beneficial to take this with lunch.

- During these days, light fasting and taking healthy foods is beneficial. Taking meals late at night can be very deleterious. During these days, one should drink plain water between meals, not cold but luke warm. In these days, taking sour, bitter, stale, heavy fried foods, rajma, sweets, fresh grains, potatoes can be harmful and can lead to gas. Arbi, chana and rajma are very harmful. One should also abstain from Jalebi, biscuits, double rotis, idli coated with flour or dosa. One should also stay away from stuff made of maida (refined wheat flour).

- Massaging your body with Ubtan or oils is beneficial. Doing exercises is also good for health. Wear light clothes, especially made of cotton. Sleeping during the day is extremely harmful in rainy season, so is staying awake late at night.

- Roaming around in bare body or with wet body or wet clothes on, is akin to inviting paralytic attacks or lumps in future. This invites all wind related ailments.

- Excessive exercising is also prohibited during rainy season. There is no such need to bathe in rain water rivers or Ganga during rainy season. It is absolutely forbidden to get wet in rain, very harmful.

- During rainy season, as a precaution, take Ram Harad and mix 15 grams of rock salt in it. Take a pinch of 2-3 grams every morning or you may also suck on one or two Harad tablets in the morning or one in the evening to maintain good digestive power. Never let the digestive power go weak, if it is, then do not over eat. Take luke warm water every so often and taking a concoction of luke warm water, lemon and honey 2-3 times a week is very good for health during rainy season.

- But those who are observing the vow of Chaturmaas and realise the significance of abstaining from honey, then can also drink this lemon water concoction without honey.  

- Pujya Bapuji Badarpur 23rd June 2013

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