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EDITDietary precautions during spring season
Dietary precautions during spring season

Dietary precautions during spring season
(Spring season:  18th feb to 18th April)

Spring the best of all seasons, is the transition from winter to summer. In this season, the Kapha accumulated during the winter starts menting under the impact of hot sunreys. It makes the digestive fire mild that gives rise to diseases like colds, coughs, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. Therefore one should take dietary precautions in this season.

Diet: In this season, don’t take heavy foods( that are not easily digested), foods cold in effect, oily, sour and sweet foods; because they increase Kapha. Don’t sleep in the day. (Ashtanga Hridaya: 3.26)

Sweet foods, dry fruits, sour and sweet fruits, curd, ice cream and heavy to digest foods are prohibited in this season. One should take easily digestable, low-fat, spicy, bitter, astringent and foods hot in effect like parched paddy, puffed rice, barley, roasted chick pea, old wheat, Bengal grams, green grams, ginger, dry ginger, Ajowan ( Trachyspermum ammi), tumeric, pipparamulli (Solanum ferox), black pepper, asafetida, elephant foot yam (Amorphophallus campanulatus), Horse radish, bitter gourd, fenugreek, fresh radish, sesame-seed oil, honey, cow‘s urine, etc.. They destroy Kpha. Don’t eat your fill. Low salt diet and fasting once in every 15 days are good for health. It is unwise to fill one’s stomach by non- grain, fruit-type diets.

Mode of living: Getting up before sunrise (to ward off heaviness and laziness caused by change of season), physical exercise, running, jogging, yogic postures and Pranayama(particularly Surya Bhedi pranayam) are beneficial in this season. Taking bath with Ubatan,( an unguent made of seven type of grains) after massage with sesame seed oil is the key to health.

Special measures for spring season:

  •     Taking 2 to 3 grams harad(myrobalan) powder mixed with equal quantity of honey on an empty stomach early in the morning give benefits of Rasayana ( a substance that destroys disease and increases strength, intellect and stamina of the body).
  •     Take 15-20 Neem (Margosa) leaves and 2-3 black pepper seeds with good mastication. It protects against skin diseases, fever and blood disorders throughout the year.
  •     Take small pieces of ginger mixed with lime juice and salt to cure mildness of digestive fire.
  •     Soak 5 grams of fenugreek at night. Take it early in the morning and then take water. It relieves gas trouble.
  •     Mix the pulp of a soap nut(Sapindus laurifolius) in water and instill 2 drops in each nostril. It cures migraine.
  •     Take 10 grams of ghee mixed with 15 grams of jaggery. It helps in dry cough.
  •     Lick 10 grams honey mixed with 2 grams powdered dry ginger and 1 gram black pepper. It cures cough with expectoration.

Caution: Phlegm should always be spat out. Allopathic medicines make the cough dry; which can grow into serious diseases like asthma, tuberculosis or cancer. In case of cough, yogic exercises like Gajkarani and Jalneti are useful.( For detailed information, read Ashram booklet Yogasana).

- Rishi Prasad Feb' 2013


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