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Important tips for best health
 Important tips for best health

- Coax your children to get up early everyday and drink water without cleansing their mouth in the morning.
- Offer luke warm milk to children instead of tea. Calcium and proteins obtained from milk is extremely beneficial for children's growth.
- In the morning, take boiled grains, sprouted mung, mixture made of boiled grains instead of fried stuff. You can add green coriander, coconut shreds, tomato, a a touch of salt. Add a tinge of lemon on top. This diet will be full of Vitamin E which will bring a radiant glow on your face and increases one's virility.
- Always wash the vegetables 2-3 times before using it for cooking. When using peeler, peel off skins only lightly as the layer between the core and skin is rich in vitamin E.

- Never cook vegetables excessively, else its essential nutrients get destroyed. The iron you can get from leafy vegetables and essential nutrients (mineral salts) should be better obtained from raw foods in your diet instead of taking capsules and medicines.

- Atleast once or twice a week, you should have leafy vegetables like spinach, methi, raddish leaves, chowlai, etc. You can also prepare them with thick skinned lentils as they are rich in  proteins.

- Never remove froth while preparing rice.

- Roti bread made from coarse sieved flour is much better than other. So, flour must always be sieved from coarse sieve.

- If you want to make any vegetable or lentil preparation sweeter, always use jaggery in place of sugar as jaggery contains high content of glucose, iron, calcium and carotene. These would not only augment blood level but also strengthen the bones.

- On any day, one must drink atleast one and half to two liters of water.

- Children should be fed with jaggery, peanuts or sesame blocks instead of chocolate or biscuits. You may also serve them sweet or salted puri breads made of jaggery.

- Wherever feasible, one must enusre that everyone in the family eats at the same time. Atleast everyone must come together in evening to have dinner together. Doing so increases  love and understanding among family members. It also saves time.

Above tips may look very trivial. But they are easy to implement and offer great benefits.

Lok Kalyan Setu - March 2014


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