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Benefits of cow's clarified butter

 Benefits of cow's clarified butter

The best means to good health and saving the environment - Using clarified butter
Clarified butter obtained from indigenous cows enhances physical, mental and intellectual health, rids us of diseases and also augments purification of atmosphere.
Through its use,
1. One gains strength, virility and longevity. It alleviates any excess bile.
2. Many hidden health problems pertaining to both men and women can be alleviated.
3. It cures high acidity and constipation.
4. Taking one glass of milk with a spoon of clarified butter and rock sugar leads to physical, mental and intellectual growth.
5. It retains youth for a longer time. Clarified butter from a black cow can bring forth youth in even aged persons.
6. Regular intake by pregnant women benefit the child in womb by making him stronger, healthier and more intelligent.
7. Regular consumption of clarified butter makes the heart stronger. It does not allow the cholesterol to increase. Clarified butter made from butter extracted by churning curd is extremely beneficial in numerous heart ailments.
8. Clarified butter made from indigenous cows  is also a potent medicine against all forms of cancer.
Caution: Excess consumption of clarified butter can lead to indigestion. Daily intake of 10 to 15 grams is adequate.

Taking clarified butter through nose

1. It has a soothing effect and enhances peace of mind.
2. It augments memory power and eye sight.
3. Provides relief during migraine.
4. Removes dryness and flaking inside the nose.
5. Hair loss and greying of hair stops completely and infact, new hair begin to grow.
6. One gets deep sleep by putting 2-2 drops in one's nostrils and rubbing it on belly button and sole of feet during evening time.
Dosage: Maximum 4 to 8 drops.

Purify the environment using cow's clarified butter

1. By offering oblations of clarified butter in fire, the environment becomes free from pollution and harmful particulates to the entire extent of the spread of the smoke. Just by putting one spoon of oblation is adequate to generate one ton of purified oxygen in the air. This is not feasible by any other means.
2. Offering oblation of clarified butter with rice  leads to release of some really vital gas like - ethylene oxide, propylene oxide, formaldehyde, etc. These gases are extremely potent in removing harmful bacteria or organisms and so, are also used in surgeries in the form of life saving medical cases.
3. Clarified butter has tremendous capacity to rid the body of any aberrations due to exposure to radiothermy.

- Rishi Prasad Sept 2013

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