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Towards Progress in Life…

Towards Progress in Life…


Resolve to take your life towards Uttarayana i.e. towards elevation, towards Light, towards Enlightenment


(Excerpts from the Satsang of Pujya Bapuji)


The dawn of Uttarayana marks the onset of Brahmamuhurta of gods. And it is with the onset of Uttarayana that the propitious period of attaining secular and spiritual knowledge is supposed to begin. All auspicious acts and those intended to attain perfection or powers are undertaken after the commencement of Uttarayana, the Brahmamuhurta of Gods.


The enlightened yogis, who after their death proceed through the path in which are stationed the all-effulgent fire-god and the deities presiding over daylight, the bright fortnight and the six months of Uttarayana in that order, are successively escorted by the above gods to the abode of Lord Brahma.

(The Srimad Bhagwad Gita: 8.24)


Grandsire Bhishma’s body was pierced all over by arrows which served as his bed. He noticed that the sun was in Dakshinayana and hence it was not the best time to embrace death. Hence he waited 58 days for Uttarayana while lying on the bed of arrows. Bhishma Pitamaha had attained a boon from his father Shantanu that death would befall him only when he desired it.


The rule of waiting till Uttarayana may not be applicable to all. Those who have realized the Brahman here in this world itself, who know Supreme Brahman like Lord Brahma does, need not bother about Uttarayana and Dakshinayana. Ordinary people also have nothing to do with Uttarayana and Dakshinayana.


Those who aspire to go to heaven or the worlds of their chosen deities don’t need to die in Uttarayana. But those who have been initiated into the path of Brahmajnana and want to go to Lord Brahma’s abode proceed through the path of Uttarayana after death.


Those Jivas taking the path of Uttarayana after death are escorted by the presiding deity of fire through his territory to be handed over to the presiding deity of day.


The presiding deity of the day then takes the Jivas through his territory and hands them over to the presiding deity of the bright fortnight. The presiding deity of the bright fortnight then hands them over to the presiding deity of Uttarayana who takes them to the abode of Lord Brahma. So long as Lord Brahma’s realm lasts, they enjoy the celestial pleasures of Brahma-loka. At the time of annihilation of the universe, they require a few last words of spiritual instructions with which Lord Brahma enlightens them and thus they get an opportunity to merge with the Supreme Brahman.


Today is the pious day (festival) of Uttarayana. I wish your life should march forward on the lofty path of elevation as well.


Let bygones be bygones; it’s not prudent to complain about the fate. Nor does it make sense to chase the arrow once shot from the bow.


If you had differences with somebody at home or outside, or if your mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, daughter, brother or neighbor has been unkind to you or you have been so to them – it is wise to compromise, forgiving each other. The mind of one who was unkind to you cannot remain averse to you forever, nor can you always remain in the same fit of anger that you were in when you behaved badly with that person.


These passions or evil tendencies are verily transient. Don’t harbor ill-feelings. Don’t let them get the better of you. Don’t allow them to get their roots deep into your heart. I pray to you to weed out your own vices. Make a resolve today that you will not fall prey to envy. One who envies others ruins himself. The person whom you envy may in all probability be enjoying a good breakfast and having a pleasant time at home. Why should you burn your heart thinking about him? Resolve to take your life towards Uttarayana, i.e. towards elevation, towards Light, towards Enlightenment.


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