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He Alone is Wise

He Alone is Wise

  He Alone is Wise


-Excerpts from the satsanga of Pujya Bapuji



Lord Sri Ramachandra asked His Gurudeva –Maharishi Vasishtha, “O master! Who is considered to be wise in all the three worlds –the nether world, the terrestrial world and the heavenly world?”

Sri Vasishthaji said, “O Rama! The whole world is burning in the fire of passion for carnal pleasures.  It  is  elated  in  favourable circumstances and grieves in unfavourable circumstances. Extremely rare is the one who is radiant like the sun; but those obsessed with the sense-pleasures are simply directionless like a dry blade of grass in a gale.”

Just as a leaf of the holy fig tree flutters around in the wind, so also are the minds of all people roaming in the sense-pleasures of the world. Rare are those Self-realized Souls, the knowers of the primordial and eternal Existence (Brahman which existed before creation, and will continue to exist even after its dissolution), who are established in their effulgent Real Self and are shining brilliantly like the Sun. There is a subtle difference between their light and the light of the sun. While the brilliance of the sun dispels darkness, it produces a scorching heat as well. However, the brilliance of an enlightened soul removes the darkness of ignorance and imparts the coolness of the Self, besides destroying many sins and bringing great merits.

So who is the wisest in all the three worlds? The question concerns itself with all the three worlds and not just the physical world of mortals. A great sage was on a journey to the Himalayas accompanied by a group of sadhus. They chanced upon some hill people celebrating a festival of theirs singing a folk song in their local dialect. One of the sadhus remarked, “They are singing a hymn to Mother Goddess.” Another sadhu said something different about the song. Soon, they were all very eager to know the subject of the song, so for the answer they approached the chief sage amongst them who had attained to buddhiyoga (Self-realization):

“Oh Babaji, what are these people singing about?”

The saint replied, “Whatever they are singing, it is by the power of the One; verily the One Himself is the song they are singing as also Whom they are singing it for. Don’t delude yourself by enquiring into the (superficial) subject of the song. Just (seek out and) realize That Which is the very source of the song, and That for Whom they are singing it –that’s all.”

So he alone, who realizes That Which is the source of all, is truly wise. Others have only exhausted themselves in worthless hair-splitting arguments. People end up empty handed despite their high positions of power and pelf.

Just as the pigs feel themselves happy and fortunate living in gutters and other such filthy places; similarly, those who indulge themselves in degenerate pleasures of this world, or the heavens, and consider themselves to be lucky and happy are not wise. But he, who revels in Self-bliss, and through meticulous exercise of Self-enquiry has elevated himself above the boggy filth of samsara, passions and other trifling things of this world, is alone wise in all the three worlds.   




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