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Hanuman's Devotional Love for Lord Rama

Hanumans Devotional Love for Lord Rama


Hanuman's Devotional Love for Lord Rama 

(Excerpts from the Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)  

There is a story in Krittivasa Bangla Ramayana that the whole monkey army was engaged in constructing a bridge over the sea at Rameshwar under the supervision of Hanumanji.  

One squirrel felt inspired to contribute in the divine work of Lord Rama. She would enter the sea, wet herself and then roll around in the sand so that the sand grains would stick to her body and then she would shake them off at the bridge.  

The monkeys were disturbed by her movements and complained to Hanumanji, "This small squirrel keeps coming in our way while we are carrying large boulders and consequently our work is interrupted. She refuses to desist from her efforts when asked to stay out of the way."  

In response to the monkeys' complaints, Hanumanji gently pressed the squirrel's tail with his big toe and told her, "You will not render service! This insignificant service of yours is causing the monkeys a lot of inconvenience."  

The squirrel squirmed giving out a shriek and ran to Lord Rama to compain against Hanumanji. She told Ramji, "Lord! I was trying to contribute in whatever little way I could towards the construction of the bridge. One can only serve to the extent of one's abilities."  

Lord Rama encouraged her, "Go ahead in your worthwhile service. The body is meant to be used to render service and thereby march ahead on the path of God-realization."  

The squirrel then narrated her predicament; "But Hanumanji is not allowing me and even pressed my tail with his big toe. Lord! You know how painful it is when an animal's tail is pressed."  

Sri Ramji asked her, "Tell me what punishment should I mete out to Hanuman?"  

"Lord! Press Hanumanji's tail with your foot so that he cries out in pain and realizes how painful it can be."  

"Fine, it shall be done to mete out justice."  

Hanumanji was summoned. He came calling out "Jai Sri Rama" and presented himself for the prosecution. Sri Rama asked him, "Did you stop the squirrel from performing service?"  

"Yes my Lord!"  

"Did you press her tail?"  

"Yes my Lord!"  

"Sit down. Punishment will be meted out to you."  

Without attempting to cite any reason for his act, Hanumanji simply sat down. Lord Sri Rama forcefully pressed Hanumanji's tail with His right foot. For a moment, Hanumanji felt acute pain. But when he realized that it was the foot of the Lord, He instantaneously became absorbed in Bhavasamadhi. When he regained consciousnss, he went running to the squirrel and said, "I pray to you with folded hands. I will press your tail once again. Please ensure that I may taste the bliss of the Lord's feet once more."  

Such is the devotion of the beloved of Lord Rama, Sri Hanumaji, the personification of simplicity, truthfulness, self-restraint and devotion to mother!  

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Hanuman's Devotional Love for Lord Rama

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