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GuruNanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Jayanti


The birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji - the first or the founder guru of the Sikhs - is celebrated with great fervor on the full moon day of Kartik month. Taking the holy book Guru Granth Sahib out in a procession is an integral part of these celebrations. Langars (community feasts) are organized where people of all castes sit together to eat and sing hymns from Guru Granth Sahib.


On the occasion of this pious festival, let us take a moment to read some teachings of Guru Nanak Devji.


Guru Nanak Dev ji says:


संगी साथी चल गए सारे, कोई न निभयो साथ |
कह नानक इह बिपत में, टेक एक रघुनाथ ||


Meaning: All our kith, kin, and friends went away from this world and could not stay with us forever. Nanakji says that in this world full of calamities, Lord Almighty is our only True and Eternal support.


फिरत फिरत प्रभु आइयो, पङियो तो शरणाय  |
नानक की प्रभु  बेनती, तू अपनी भक्ति लाये ||


Meaning: After wandering through various high and low incarnations (bodies), I have finally come to seek refuge in you, my Lord. Nanakji prays that he may be blessed with the Lord’s sublime devotion (bhakti).

जे को जनम मरण ते डरे, साध जना की शरणि पड़े |

जे को अपना दुःख मिटावे, साध जना की सेवा पावे ||


Meaning: One who would like to be delivered from the cycles of birth and death should seek the shelter of a saint. One who would like to be freed from all sorrows should engage himself in the service of a saint.



राम गयो रावण गयो, ताको बहु परिवार |
कह नानक थिर कछु नहीं, स्वप्नेहु ज्यों संसार ||


Meaning: Lord Rama went, and so did Ravana, and their kith and kin. Guru Nanakji says that nothing is permanent in this world, which itself is like a dream (where everything is passing through).


भय नाशन दुरमति हरण, कलि में हरि को नाम |
निश दिन नानक जो जपे, सफल होवहि सब काम ||


Meaning: All the fears get destroyed, all your negative thoughts get destroyed in kaliyug, if you chant the holy name of Lord Shri Hari. Nanakji says that if you chant His pious name daily, you will be successful in all your endeavors. So now, we have the key to all success.

जो तिधु भावे सो भलि कार |
तू सदा सलामत निरंकार ||

Meaning: Guru Nanak ji says that O Lord! (I do not wish to ask you for anything; instead I pray that) Kindly do what you like and deem appropriate for me, as you are All Knowing and our True Friend.




Gyan Hi Gyan

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Waheguru Download

Ardaas Download

Sant ka Nindak Mahahatyara Download



Guru Nanak Jayanti Satsang

 Dukh Par Har- Sukh Ghar Le Jaai


Darshan dekh jeevaan 


Guru ka Darshan



 Dwell on the Lord's Name, O My Mind, as a Gurumukh


One is Mantra-japa and the other is Nāma-japa. In Mantra-japa the force of the individual is the only determinant, it needs to follow the prescribed procedure and maintain the requisite purity but japa of Nāma or Lord‟s name requires only the Bhāva, the force of the Divine works behind it. 

Guru Arjuna Dev says, "Dwell on the Lord‟s name, O my mind, as a Gurumukh, O Nanak, you shall obtain countless joys.‟


Get yourself initiated by a Guru, be a Gurumukh and then do the japa of Lord‟s name. If one does japa of Nāma as Manmukh (one who follows the dictates of his mind), he gets the thing desired by his mind and loses the real benefit of Nāma-japa. However, when he does Nāma-japa as a Gurumukh, he doesn‟t fall prey to his mind‟s desires rather he desires what the Lord or the Guru wishes him to have. And what does the Lord or the Guru wish us to have? The Lord and the Guru want us to have Supreme Bliss! A Gurumukh therefore attains Self-Bliss, in comparison to which the pleasures enjoyed by Indra, the king of gods, appear worthless not to speak of the worldly pleasures.


"where there is neither mother, nor father, friend nor brother,

O my mind, there, only the Nāma, the Name of the Lord,shall be with you as your help and support. Where there is utter wilderness and the terrible messengers of Death grind thee down, there, the Lord‟s Name alone goes along with thee. Where there is nothing but utter distress for thee, There, the Name of the Lord saves thee in a moment. By performing countless meritorious deeds, you shall not be saved. But the name of the Lord washes off myriads of sins. Dwell on the Lord‟s name,O my mind, as a Gurumukh,O Nanak, you shall obtain countless joys.‟ (Sukhmani Sahib) 

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