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Detailed Article
Ganesh Chaturthi Special Satsang

15 Sep 12

Once Lord Ganesha was walking in His own delightful rhythm. It was the fourth lunar day (chaturthi). The Moon god saw him. The Moon god was very vain about his good looks. He said with a bitter sarcasm to Lord Ganesha, "What a beautiful form you have! A big belly and an elephant's head...".
Lord Ganesha realized that the Moon's vanity will not go without his being appropriately punished for the same. Lord Ganesha said, "Your face will not be worth showing to anybody."
The Moon did not rise after that. The gods were worried, "The whole department that nourishes the earth has been closed! How will the medicinal herbs be enriched? How will the affairs of the world be conducted?"
Lord Brahma said, "The Moon's insolence has angered Lord Ganesha."
The gods worshipped Lord Ganesha in order to propitiate him. When Lord Ganesha was pleased, the Moon's face became worth showing to others. The Moon god prayed to Lord Ganesha with hymns.
Lord Ganesha said, "Your face will be worth showing on other days of the year, but on the fourth lunar day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapada, the day when you insulted me, whoever sees you will be slandered with a serious blemish within a year. This is necessary to give the message to the people that 'No one should be vain regarding one's physical beauty and charm.'
The Lord of all the gods and senses is the Self. You are ridiculing a Self-Realized personality like me? You are finding faults with my physical form and are proud of your external beauty? You are ignorant of Me, the Self, the source of all beauty, that lends beauty to your external form. That Self alone exists. He alone is seen in the forms of Lord Narayana, Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva as also in all beings. O Moon! Even your real Being is That very Self. Don't be proud of your external beauty."
Even the likes of Lord Krishna was accused of stealing the 'Syamantaka Gem', because He happened to see the Moon on that particular fourth lunar day. Even His brother Balrama joined the accusers; though, in fact, Lord Krishna had not stolen the 'Syamantaka Gem'.

Those who don't believe in the truth of this incident, who are sceptical of the scriptures, are invited to test its veracity by looking at the Moon on the fourth lunar day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrapada (Ganesh Chaturthi). A sceptic will pay the cost of disbelieving the scriptures retold in satsang. Within a year, he will be the victim of such a great blemish as will completely vitiate his dignity.

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