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Guruji's Yogleela

Guruji's Yogleela

He was born in the hamlet of Berani,

in a family of true divinity;

Blessed was the holy land of Sindh,

A Godly soul had incarneted.

Tender Asumal, so simple and innocent,

before whom even the almighty submitted, least hesitant;

such was the power of that mere child,

whom, now , we consider the Lord of all, even of the wild.

it was upon his dedication and love for God,

that Asumal could jouney the path of the omnipresent's realisation,

the ultimate goal of man's aspiration.

 Asaram worshipped His Guru Lilashah with devotion,

He obeyed His Guru, without any vacillation;

in His Guru He saw the divine immatent,

in the form a sweet, holy scent.

Guru is the heart that keeps us going,

He is the land from where we harvest almost everything,

He is the temple in which we feel safe & secure,

He is the charming flutist (muralidhar) who lures the devotee.

He is the highest form of the being,

the still and unique source of all human beings;

He showers His grace upon us,

transforming our lives into elysian garden of flowers.

O, Guru! In You I feel the comfort of heaven,

with you I do not fear even the lion's den;

Bless me that I may feel the quintessence of God,

Bless me that I may feel the presence of the the Lord.

Bless me, O Guru, Bless me,

O Thou, imperishable holy fragrance.

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