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Embodiment of Causeless Unbidden Mercy

Embodiment of Causeless Unbidden Mercy


Pujyashree tells us that when he was a Sadhaka, he used to undergo pangs of separation from the Lord and yearn for God-Realization and would say to Lord, “'Let me find You once’ then You see how low-priced (easily available) I will make You.”

Today these words of Pujyashree are proving to be perfectly true. An ocean of Self-bliss is always undulating around Him where anybody irrespective of his religion, sect, caste and creed can take a dip.


Bapuji’s kind words give message of hope and enthusiasm to the downcast humanity like streams of fresh water flowing through scorched desert lands. Pujyashree says with firm conviction,


“Even if you fall a thousand times, take another step on the path of truth… success will have to be at your feet.”


Pujya Bapuji has brought forth the holy Ganges of the Knowledge of Gita in the polluted and restive atmosphere of Kaliyuga, where both the deserving and the undeserving can take a dip and get themselves purified.

The ambrosia of Self-bliss that Bapuji attained after years of sadhana undergoing all kinds of trials and tribulations, is being dispensed open handedly by him among the masses by continuously touring all round the country. There are thousands of Sadhakas who observe a vow of taking food and water only after having Pujyashree’s Darshan on every Purnima. Pujya Bapuji bears hardship Himself and gives Purnima Darshan and Satsang at two-three places in a single day, so that the devotees may not have to take the trouble of travelling long distances. He frequently goes into solitude but His devotees seek Him out and the kind-hearted Bapuji accedes to their prayer for Darshan and satsang, sparing time from his invaluable spiritual enterprise.

Truly…Our Guru is compassion-incarnate for the poor



He gratifies everyone without any efforts on their part; He wants everyone, to fill their empty bags (i.e.become prosperous), By realizing the Supreme Self.


If Bapuji finds a poor person on the way, an ocean of compassion that He is, He stops His vehicle and gives him Prasad or Money or some such thing. Nobody is unknown to Pujya Bapuji.When Pujyashree sees somebody bareheaded or barefooted or showing some other sign of deprivation, he is so filled with compassion that he gives away his own sandals, umbrella or even the cloth that he wears around neck. On the top of it, Pujyashree gives him a smile which he can not forget for the rest of his life.


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