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Dyan Yog Shibir

Thousands of Spiritual Aspirants taking benefit of Dhyan Yog Shibir (Meditation Intensive)


Thousands of Spiritual Aspirants taking benefit of Dhyan Yog Shibir


'Shaktipata Shibirs' & satsang Programs are organized in different places throughout the year. During these 'shibirs' or intensives, the aspirants get the benefit of Bapuji's 'Satsangs' (spiritual discourses).


Bapuji bestows divine love through the Shaktipata (Transferral of Divine Energy), enabling the sadhak (aspirant) to enter the mysterious world of Kundalini Yoga through meditation. The aspirants are also taught how to deal with the obstacles that they may encounter on the path of Yogic Spiritual Journey.


Bapuji conveys the highest spiritual truth in the simplest language, which can be assimilated easily by all.



 Thousands get Diksha from Asaram Bapu

HT Live Correspondent
Allahabad, February 1

IT WAS a moment which once again reflected the faith of thousands of devotees towards their revered guru 'Bapuji' and his teachings to propagate Hindu culture.
Amidst chanting of Vedic mantras, about 25,000 devotees, including a large number of youths, took 'diksha' from Sant Shree Asaram Bapu 'Bapuji' at his Satsang Shivir in Ardh Kumbh Mela area on Thursday. This was the second occasion during the last nine days when such a large number of devotees gathered at the Satsang Shivir, from at least six states, to attend Bapu's three-day 'Shaktipat Camp' and take diksha from their guru.
The diksha programme started at 6.30 am in the morning. But Bapuji's disciples, including a large number of women and youth, started gathering at his Satsang Shivir at around 3 am. A large number of devotees stayed overnight at the camp to avoid any delay in getting diksha. After taking diksha, they remained at the camp till 12 noon and listened to the teachings of Bapuji in the most disciplined and dedicated manner.
Sant Shree Asaram Bapu gave some useful tips to maintain good health by practicing yoga and taking only Ayurvedic medicines. He said: "The pain killers destroy life cells in the body, due to which a person remains unhealthy all through his life. Imbalance of 'vaat', 'pitta' and 'kaf' leads to 132 types of health disorders in the body. This further creates hundreds of other complications. But by following simple steps like having powder of basil (tulsi) leaf in morning one can stay healthy all through his life. The basil seeds also stop aging." Bapuji said he found that people in Allahabad were addicted to tobacco and its products like pan masala. He said due to consumption of these products the people were suffering from skin diseases, gastric disorders and even cancer. "These people should consume butter milk and practice 'pranayam' to get rid of tobacco addiction," he suggested.
Bapuji said few Vedic mantras were very effective in the treatment of heart diseases, high BP, headache and stomach disorders. "Regular chanting of some mantras also gives relief to jaundice patients," he said.


Over 30,000 take ‘Diksha’

Smriti Malaviya,
Allahabad, January 23

The last ‘shahi snan’ of Basant Panchami witnessed another congregation of devotees on the banks of the Sangam during the ongoing Ardh Kumbh Mela, on Tuesday.With beads in their hand and chanting ‘mantras’, over 30,000 devotees from different parts of the country took Vedic ‘diksha’ from Asaram Bapu.

Seated under one roof, the devotees from West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Gujarat, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and different parts of Uttar Pradesh took the Vedic ‘diksha’ from Bapu in a blissful ambience.

After the ‘diksha’, they pledged to regularly perform ‘jap’ with mind engrossed in the supreme meaning of the ‘mantra’, observe fast once in a fortnight, eat only ‘satvik’ food and follow the golden principle of ‘Sanatan Dharma’.

Attracted by the huge number of devotees at the ‘Satsang Shivir’, about 500 foreigners also attended Bapu’s discourse on Monday evening. Sewadar and Bapu devotee from America, Deepal Patel said over one lakh Bapu’s disciples had arrived in the Mela area to attend the three-day ‘Satsang Shivir’.

After delivering the ‘diksha’, Bapu said ‘Sadguru’ enlightens a disciple with the essence of his true self, which transcends time and space and the disciple gets liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

The ‘diksha’ aspirants had travelled hundreds of miles and collected at the designated camp at 3.30 am. At least 10,000 of them stayed overnight in the camp and braved the chilly winter winds to avoid the traffic bottlenecks.

Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Scene of Pyramid Shaped Maun Mandir at Ahmedabad Ashram
Scene of Pyramid Shaped 'Maun Mandir' at Ahmedabad Ashram


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